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 Education and qualifications


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade University in 1994;
  • Obtained Master’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of painting in Belgrade 1997;
  • Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia ( ULUS) 
  • Member of the ULUS ( Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) selection jury 

Dragan Cvetkovic Cvele
"The very point of creating is to constantly reassess and research one’s inner self. It is    an ongoing internal struggle. In those  moments when the battle rages on, the wave of revelation, transformed into a painting, aims at captivating the observer’s attention, pulling him into the depths of inner self and making him become open to exploration of it.
Just as each emotion is multi-layered and complex, so are my paintings crafted in layers and on the surface they appear chaotic.However, just as all the sensations that have been piling up crystalize over time, in the same way and after a long scrutiny the initial chaos grows into a longing for discovery of layers woven from solutions for all anxieties we carry within ourselves.
I fill macro canvases with micro elements. I am constantly traveling between the two worlds, and I sojourn in both in a constant struggle to understand them.
If I manage to open the doors of those worlds and to lead at least some of you to revelation, it would mean that my mission as an    artist has been successful."